Explore high-paying careers in clean, high-tech Connecticut manufacturing.


HERE'S HOW: No matter what your skills and interests are, there is a career that fits you, and you might be surprised to know the perfect career for you could be in Connecticut manufacturing. Get started now!

  1. LEARN about the training programs offered through the Connecticut College of Technology. You'll start your new career by enrolling in a program to earn your 2-year associate degree or a technical certificate. View the training programs here. Then if you choose, you can continue your education and earn a bachelors degree at a Connecticut university. View participating schools.
  2. CALL a College of Technology contact person/coordinator. There is a coordinator at each of the community colleges within the state of Connecticut. The coordinator(s) will be happy to discuss your interests and answer any questions that you may have. Click here for the complete list of COT coordinators by institution.

If you need more general career counseling, please visit the Career Services Association.

What will this training/education cost? College may be much more affordable than you think, find out here.

How do I know if a career in manufacturing is for me? Find out more by clicking here and taking the Dream Career Quiz.

For more information on careers in Connecticut manufacturing, please visit the Connecticut College of Technology web site.

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