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Waterbury Manufacturing and Technology Exposition - PRLog, December 5, 2011

Group of Teachers and Students Visit New London Coast Guard Station - New London Patch, 7/16/11

Teachers Take the AROW Challenge at the Coast Guard Academy - New London Patch, 7/14/11

Can Manufacturing Be Cool Again? - Hartford Business Journal, 7/13/11

CETA and Community College System Sign Articulation Agreement - University of Hartford UNotes, 5/18/11

Students Get Lesson in High-Tech Manufacturing - Westfair Online, 4/8/11

Engineering Your Future - Norwalk Community College News, 4/1/11

Expo Highlights Manufacturings Leaner, Greener Side - CBIA News, 4/1/11

Connecticut Businesses Teach Students about high-tech Industry Careers at 'Lean and Green' Expo - The Regsiter Citizen, 2/13/11

Lean and Green: Next Generation Careers in Technology - Horst Engineering , 2/13/11

High-Tech Manufacturing the Focus of Two-Day Expo - CBIA News, 1/1/11

Area Students Come to NVCC for Two-Day Technology Expo and Seminar - Naugatuck Valley Community College News, 12/1/10

Preferences of Male and Female Students for TSA Competitive Events - Technology and Engineering Teacher, Volume 70, Number 1, 9/1/10

Delauro Introduces Manufacturing Reinvestment Act of 2010 - New Haven Manufacturers Association, 8/2/10

A Haven for Science at CGA - The New London Day, 7/25/10

Big Enrollment Jump Strains State's Community Colleges - Hartford Courant, 7/29/10

Robotics on Water - The NSTA Summer Journal 2010

Steel Industry Success Illustrates Broader Factory Rebound - Hartford Courant, 7/6/10

Factory Jobs Return, But Employers Find Skills Lacking - New York Times, 7/1/10

Summer program introduces students to manufacturing careers - courant.com, 6/10/10

Manufacturer Succeeds by Embracing New Ideas - The New London Day, 5/9/10

RCNGM Articles

Teacher Externships 2010

Summer Jobs for Teachers = Better Skill Training for Students - PMA Blog, 7/26/10

Teacher Takes Externship for Real-world Experience - Meriden Record-Journal, 7/25/10

Program Helps Teachers Learn to Teach Engineering Skills - Manchester Journal Inquirer, 7/22/10

Teachers Learn About Manufacturing - Journal Inquirer, 7/12/10

Business People - Connecticut Post, 7/7/10

Teachers Get New Skills by Working in Industry - New Haven Register, 7/6/10

CT Teachers Updating Their Technical Skills - Hartford Business.com, 7/6/10


Teacher Externships 2009

Hamilton Sundstrand Helps Teachers Bring the Workplace to Classrooms - Hamilton Sundstrand newsletter, 8/11/09

Tech Teacher Taking on Manufacturing Externship - New Britain Herald, 6/25/09

Valley Teacher Spends July working at Trumpf, Inc. - Valley Press, 7/16/09


Teacher Externships 2008

From Shop Floor to Classroom - Business New Haven, 8/18/08

Those Who Can Do, Teach - Fairfield County Business Journal, 8/11/08

Teachers' Program Links Schoolwork, Jobs - New Haven Register, 7/25/08

Next Generation Manufacturing - Middletown Press, 7/23/08


Manufacture Your Future Careers Expo '08


Students Offered Fab Look at Expo - Connecticut Post, 6/6/08

Career Expo Gives Students a Glimpse at Their Futures - New Britain Herald, 6/6/08

Students to Gain Hands-on Manufacturing Insight - New Haven Register, 6/1/08

Manufacturing's World - Hartford Courant, 6/6/08

Engineering Challenge

Teachers Get Hands-On Training in Engineering - Hartford Business Journal, 8/4/08

Area Educators Training for Engineering Challenge - New Britain Herald, 7/23/08

Tech Program is Just What the Doctor Ordered - Manchester Journal Inquirer, 7/23/08

Career Pathways

Seminar to Tackle Workforce Challenges in Manufacturing Sector - Bristol Press, 4/8/08











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