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Teachers Externship Application - 2012

Teachers Externship Request for Proposal - 2012

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What is an Externship? The Regional Center for Next Generation Manufacturing (RCNGM) is dedicated to helping educators prepare students, the workforce of the future, by not only giving them relevant and current curriculum programs, but by giving them exposure to industry practices that they might not otherwise have.

The RCNGM has developed a Teacher Externship Program that brings high school, technical high school and community college educators into the workplace for four-weeks in the summer. Following their externship experience, teachers must utilize the newly learned know-how and develop a work-based learning project for their classrooms/students.

Preparing the next generation of workers to meet the expectations of a highly technological workforce can be a challenge to educators. Often, the demands of teaching within a set curriculum prevents educators from broadening their students' knowledge of workplace requirements because they, themselves, are unfamiliar with those expectations. By exposing educators to business/industry environments, whether it be through teacher externships, company visits, visiting lecturer or collaborative work-based projects in the classroom, educators are given the opportunity to infuse some excitement into their classroom(s). Educators who participate in these kinds of professional development programs have an opportunity to not only engage their students in more active learning experiences, but to become part of those experiences themselves.

2011 Teacher Externship Program Brings Teachers into Industry

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Larry Chapman is a CAD, civil engineering and architectural engineering teacher at Old Saybrook High School. He is participating in a four-week externship at Centerbrook Architects in Essex, CT to focus on residential and commercial architectural design.

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For more information about extership opportunities, please contact Mary deManbey, Program Manager, CBIA
Telephone: (860)-244-1900 E-mail: Mary.demanbey@cbia.com

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