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RCNGM/CBIA Manufacturing Surveys

In order to assess the true state and needs of Connecticut manufacturers, the RCNGM, through its business partner, the Connecticut Business and Industry Association (CBIA), produced surveys reflecting manufacturers' workforce needs and concerns. CBIA is one of the largest business associations in the country, with over 8,000 members, many of whom are manufacturers. Below are the results of the most recent surveys.

2011 RCNGM/CBIA Survey of Manufacturers

2009 Manufacturing Survey Results

2008 Availability of Skilled Workers in Connecticut

2007 RCNGM/CBIA Survey of Manufacturers

2005 RCNGM/CBIA Survey of Manufacturers

2004 RCNGM/CBIA Survey of Manufacturers

Business and Industry Involvement in the Center

Critcial to the success of the Regional Center for Next Generation Manufacturing (RCNGM) is input and involvement from business and industry. Industry leaders can play a key role in helping the Center to develop relevant curriculum to fit manufacturers needs. And companies can play a pivotal role in giving educators industry experiences that they can transfer back to the classroom. Students, too, can benefit from seeing how different manufacturing environments can be today from what they may perceive them to be.

Despite news reports about manufacturing jobs going overseas, Connecticut manufacturers have voiced concern over jobs that go unfilled due to a lack of the highly technical skills needed in today's manufacturing environment.

How to Get Involved

If you or your company is interested in helping move the Regional Center for Next Generation Manufacturing forward, contact the director of the program, Karen Wosczyna-Birch.

Industry Partners

The following companies are industry partners of the Regional Center for Next Generation Manufacturing.

(primary business partner)


National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)


BD - Helping all people live healthy lives
Becton Dickinson






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